About us 

GLOBAL LEX LTD. is established in year 2008 as a company uniting the experience of lawyers with profound knowledge and serious practice in law enforcement. Judging by the persuasion that our clients have to be both informed about the novelties in the Bulgarian legislation and at the same time to receive adequate for the new realities legal assistance, we created a team which is ready to offer professional legal servicing in the field of civil and administrative law and procedure. We are successfully collaborating with Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, whereas we perform our activities with freely using besides Bulgarian language also English and Russian when exchanging correspondence and preparing documents.

GLOBAL LEX LTD. is specialized in the provision of legal services and consultations to local and foreign legal entities in all aspects of their economic activity in the country and abroad, namely – taxation, commercial, contractual, bonding, property rights, employment, social securities and administrative.

The broad spectrum of legal services, which we can propose, includes warranty for smooth initiating and successful development of your business. We try to approach your problems with understanding and to offer you a solution, which best suites your needs, taking into account the specifics of the particular case. Client satisfaction is paramount. We study thoroughly each separate problem in the field of your business relations, identifying potential complications, in order to prevent the occurrence of disputes and conflict situations with your partners.

The basic principles that we are following in our work are:

Individual approach. Each client for us is of importance and needs special attention. That is why we are approaching individually each specific case and we offer legally substantiated solution, corresponding to the wish and the needs of the clients. 

Professional attitude and quality performance of the provided services. The presence of trained team of experts with many years of experience in the field of juridical expertise guaranties to our clients professional approach and competency with the accomplishment of the assigned task.

Confidentiality. Preservation of confidentiality with regards to the provided information by the clients is of paramount importance in our work. The safe and reliable preservation of the provided information and its non-disclosure, determine the comfort when obtaining the servicing and gives reasons for the confidence of our clients in us. 

Flexibility and efficiency. We do our best to always find the best legally substantiated and optimal solution of your problem, whereas we are offering an economically beneficial service and we save you time, efforts and funding. Our service combines speed, usability and efficient performance, as well as it is adapted to your specific needs and the specified by you budget for reaching the assigned target.