Corporate Law 
  • Registrations of commercial companies, branches of resident and non-resident merchants in Bulgaria
  • Incorporation and registration of commercial representations, foundations and non-profit legal entities
  • Registration of associations between traders – holding, consortium
  • Changes in the company’s registration – transfer of company shares, increase and reduction of capital, non-monetary contribution, registered address, management bodies, appointment of procurator, etc.
  • Transformations of companies - take-over, merger, splitting, spinning off and change of legal form
  • Transactions with enterprises
  • Consultations on commercial transactions
  • Keeping company books, convening and holding general meetings of the shareholders / the associates
  • Legal advice on all matters relating to company’s management and representation, relations between partners / shareholders and also company relationships with its business partners
  • Dissolution, liquidation and deletion of merchant

  • Due diligence

  • Getting a Certificate of Good Standing