The beneficial partnership of GLOBAL LEX Ltd. with a broad circle of external advisors and experts, allows us to offer overall servicing, both in the sphere of law and legislation and in the field of accountancy, payroll and the audit.  



BAND – consulting and management Ltd. specialized accounting company with extensive experience in accounting, tax and financial consulting services. The company provides high-quality services and consultation in different areas such as accounting, taxation, corporate finance, practical application of double taxation treaties, etc. 


SALARIO Ltd. is specialized in providing services for calculating the remunerations for employment and non-employment relations, administration and management of related processes and generating and providing information to clients and public institutions.



NIBOS Ltd. is a consulting company specialized in rendering  advisory services in auditing and business optimization. The company provides consultations in the field of taxation, corporative finances and business strategies, analysis of undertakings and transactions consulting.